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It's time to prioritize your Health & Fitness more than ever: No more excuses!

Ok, I'm coming to you with a little bit of tough love today. It's easy to spiral down into anxiety, stress and depression.

If you are starting to feel anxious or depressed....and you are wondering what you can do?


Whatever routines you used to have - try your best to keep them in order.

When you feel out of control and like you are losing yourself, know you can create routine and create a new AT HOME SCHEDULE.

Prioritize your HEALTH!

Minimum of :30 minutes every day - your health is a gift from GOD - it's something you have to honor.

We will get thru this but you've got to keep the right mindset.

What is your favorite at home workout? What do you like to try?


If your routine has been flipped upside down, your gym, coffee shop, office or favorite stops have been shut down are at risk of depression.

Our daily routine plays such a HUGE ROLE IN OUR FEELING of "normal" on the daily.


I urge you to exercise daily to keep yourself mentally strong as well as healthy.

You can absolutely get a killer workout from home!

Make sure you are getting a full 8 hours of rest/sleep every single night.

PLAN your routine on paper. Post your new schedule.

Try to eat at the same time(s) daily just as you normally would outside of your home.

If the kids are home, be sure to give them structure so they don't feel a sense of LOSS....Keep things organized and always HAVE A PLAN.

Failing to Plan is planning to fail!


If you are not sure how to manage your cravings, I would highly suggest you starting with a workbook and guide like the one I share here. It's a great place to start planning daily healthy meals for your heart health.

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Online Mini Workshops:

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A lot of motivation and exactly how to get healthy and fit. I shared A TON from my own life experience and many opinions !

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