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Justifying the cost of my healthy shakes: Sexy Momma Superfood Smoothies: GlitterU

How do I justify the cost my Sexy Momma SuperFoods Shakes/Smoothies? Well, I could tell you I’ve stopped buying my morning coffee, or that it has replaced my breakfast; but the truth is I never drank coffee or ever ate much of a breakfast (oh boy that was just my ignorance)..... However, I don’t justify the cost of Shakes by making concessions in other parts of my life … I justify it by looking at the value it ADDS to my life.

Let me be honest, when I got my first bag of Smoothie Powder, it was a stretch. I definitely felt it was frivolous and most likely unnecessary. I bought it merely as a “challenge pack” (discounted with a new workout program I was going to try for 30-days) and decided to REALLY DIAL IN AND do something different this time and commit to it for 30 days. I had heard great things, but being skeptical, I assumed the 30 day trial would be the end of my Sexy Momma SuperFoods Shake stint. Turns out I was wrong, and here’s why.

I’m just as technical as the next person; comparing nutritional data, assessing ingredient decks … it’s all in my DNA. But at the end of the day, for me, nutritional value is more than the numbers on the back of the bag, nutritional value is about how the food can make you FEEL after consuming them.

Nearing the end of my 30 day supply of Shakes, I sat down my husband and started taking inventory of reasons on why I should cancel, or continue on with Shakes… here’s what we knew; I was down $130 (I’ve bought purses gathering dust in my closet worth more than that), I had more energy than the month prior, I had shed fat in my problem areas (goodbye love handles), I hadn’t craved chocolate hershey kisses (any milk chocolate which is truly my addiction) or Popcorn in over 20 days (a HUGE win for me, lol), my digestion had improved dramatically, I was sleeping better and best of all, I was as a whole a happier person.

So with that, we decided to keep ordering SuperFoods Powder to continue making these smoothies that taste like chocolate almond cake (depends on the recipe you use) every single month. Sure, we could have looked for a cheaper alternative! AND WE DID - nothing even came close to comparing so - why bother? I cannot argue against the fact that Shakes adds value to my life, far more than the $130 price tag.

You may feel that this is your typical HEALTHY SHAKE testimonial, but the truth is, I became an advocate for the product because I have seen firsthand the positives that come from drinking SEXY MOMMA SUPERFOODS (it's for guys too) every single day. When I got started as a trainer & coach 5 years ago, I told everybody I inspired to run out and buy the good ole' GNC or Nutri-Shop artificial protein Shakes -(shaking my head - i'm sorry) only because it's all I knew and it was $55 a pop … I’ve since changed my tune. My Superfoods shakes are a game changer… as a coach it’s my mission to help you lead a healthier and more fulfilling life and I would not be acting out my purpose if I didn’t share with you the only meal replacement shake that has ever had a sincere & meaningful impact on my life.I read this quote the other day (maybe you’ve seen it);

“Your body will be around a lot longer than that handbag. Invest in yourself.” It’s not deeply philosophical, but it’s true! lol


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