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MY 21-DAY ULTIMATE RESET REVIEW: this could be your solution to the hormone bloat!

I decide to share the open box review of The 21 Day Ultimate Reset in my stories on instagram - incase you missed it - I thought I'd take you with me on my journey and review of it here.

An "open box" is basically the process of going through the entire parcel and its contents with you as I unwrap everything. Pretty Exciting :) I ordered the 21 Day Ultimate Reset as a Challenge Pack, which means that it comes bundled with my sexy super foods smoothies. During the Reset, you have to be drinking the vegan version which is fine by me, I drink the vegan chocolate every day of my life. All of the flavors are absolutely delicious though!


In the Ultimate Reset package you'll get a Quick Start guide that is just basically a quick review of absolutely everything to help you get started right away.

You will also find a handy guide that you can bring with you to work or on your travels. The third guide that comes with the Ultimate Reset is the "holy grail" of meal plans, its honestly so detailed and so thorough.

You will find information on everything including full descriptions of each supplement and what is in them, goals to set for yourself, you can log how you feel when you start vs how you feel when you are finished, as well as a full day by day schedule and meal plan.

The meal plans are laid out for you with photos , suggested servings, full details and vegetarian options. All the recipes you could possibly need are included in the guide.

One bonus that comes with the challenge pack is the handy caddy that you can use to transport your supplements everyday to work. I used it everyday and it just kept me organized, which I love. The second bonus to a small bracelet that I found so amazing the first time we did the Ultimate Reset. The purpose of the bracelet is to keep you committed to this.

One thing to remember is that you WANT to stick to this. I always suggest in my Challenge groups for the Ultimate Reset that my challengers have a picture of a before and after that they strive for. Another awesome idea that really works for me is putting up a picture of an upcoming event like a vacation or a wedding. These are just a few examples but if you'd like to learn more about the challenge group CLICK HERE , fill out the form here or send me a quick email and i'd be happy to send you the details.

OR IF YOU ARE IMPATIENT LIKE ME - GO AHEAD AND GRAB YOUR RESET KIT HERE: But I'd still love to coach you along in my FIT GYM so once you grab yours, let me know - let's chat! If you grab a kit, you are automatically a part of OUR TEAM!!

All 6 supplements you will be taking during the Reset are all made from natural ingredients.

The first week of the Ultimate Reset consists of taking the Optimize supplement throughout the day, The Soothe Supplement and the Alkalinize Supplement. I hear so many questions and concerns about this supplement. Its basically a mix of wheat grass and other greens, the taste does leave a lot to be desired. What I personally do that really works to mask the taste is I either take it with the least amount the water possible and take it as a shot and chase it with a lemon and a big glass of water, or I add a bit of stevia which for some reason makes it go down smoother or when Im really not feeling it, I mix the Alkalinize powder with some vegan SuperFoods Smoothie which completely masks the taste.

You will also be taking the Mineralize supplement which is basically just pink Himalayan rock salt to mineralize the water you will be drinking.

On the Second week you will start taking a Detox supplement as well which is basically just a mix of probiotics. The Detox is a powder from that you add to water just like the Alkalinize mix. I personally find this one a lot easier to take. Its a bit grainy but tastes like lemon so its really not that bad. During the Third week, you will sub out the Detox shots for a Revitalize supplement which is a pill form and not a shot.

Everything is completely laid out for you and so easy. I personally found that the best part of the Reset is that it WORKS.

I always get asked how to get abs , a lifted booty, lose the (cup-cakes aka love handles) ..etc. The answer is to get your nutrition in check! This program helped me with that like nothing else!!! I kicked bad habits and gained some great ones! I love my new found energy and focus. Its amazing !!!

This is definitely a program that can get you out of the plateau you might be stuck at and help you get on the right track to eat the right foods!

What do you do after the 21 day Reset is over? Easy, the 21 Day fix (and do some then one round, because it can be repeated)

If you would like more information on how to get the Ultimate Reset you can send me a msg or CLICK HERE to purchase it. By purchasing the Reset or any other program you automatically gain free access to the ONLINE FIT GYM and coaching program with me. I am here to coach you through the entire program , help you, and share tips and tricks with you.

XX, Heather



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