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on wednesdays we walk all over the world #walkwithheather is back!

🔥IT'S BACK!!!!! 🔥

We started the PUBLIC WALKING CLUB AROUND THE GLOBE USING #walkwithHeather years ago and haven't done it since 2020 but TODAY - WE ARE BACK! SHARE THIS POST AND BE SURE TO TAG A FRIEND!!

GET THEM IN THE WEDNESDAY WALKING CLUB - USE THE HASHTAG #walkwithheather and let's see where everyone is WALKING FROM!!

How does it work? SIMPLE - On WEDNESDAYS WE WALK!!!

and we post a photo and tag us using the hashtag!!!

Come on - let's do this!!

Are you joining ME TODAY? Let's get out and MOVE OUR BODIES and go for a WALK!!


Heather Newman


When you go walking today..... be sure to tag me and a friend. Let’s motivate each other to get outside and WALK 👟👟👟💦


Use hashtag #WalkWithHeather (so I can find your walking selfie) and tag me on instagram, Snapchat OR Facebook!! OR ALL OF THEM!! I WANNA SEE YOU MOVING YOUR BODY TODAY!


Benefits of walking include:

1. Lower risk of cardiovascular disease

2. Helps ward off other diseases

3. Controls anxiety and boost moods

4. Promotes weight loss

5. Easier on the joints

6. Benefits of fresh air and vitamins

7. Get your creative juices going

8. Reduces belly fat

Get up and move. Gotta start somewhere. Why not??

Don't forget to Tag a friend and share!!!



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