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One thing I absolutely love about the story of these supplements is that THEY WORK! You will not see me blast a post like this very often, I promise....but I was trying to SOLVE MY OWN problems with food, energy, weight & nutrition back in 2017. I was never able to find the right fuel that tastes good yet was HEALTHY, that filled the gaps in my nutrition and provided my body with the nutrients it actually needed to be at it's best performance wise!

I don't eat a lot of veggies ya'll!!! I had to figure something out that was completely sustainable and wasn't just a "wanna be" BRAND OR LABEL slapped onto another protein container - if are not aware, the FITNESS SUPPLEMENT INDUSTRY IS NOT REALLY REGULATED therefore, a lot of the time you are actually "GETTING WHAT YOU PAY FOR" - junk! ((use caution)) My oldest son uses these too - the POST WORKOUT POWDER in chocolate is the BEST!!!

*Forget BOTOX AND artificial canned ENERGY DRINKS!!! I use the collagen & energize!! A natural source of both! Need hydration but don't want to drink those GATOR drinks full of SUGAR?? Try Hydrate!! The hydrate is what pulled me thru when I was super sick in bed for 3.5 weeks back in August of 2021 - I swear - ask my family!!!

I am very aware of what I allow in my body! AT ALL COSTS!! A rarely even take an aspirin........ Our food shouldn't be a source of stress for us! I have partnered with these performance supplements for over 5 years now and I haven't missed a day - If I ever change my mind or find something better, I'll let you know! That's just one of the many reasons that I am so happy and proud to partner with this company!!

Shop the link in my bio ( Glitteru . com ) , click on "BRANDS I USE AND LOVE" and use code HEATHERFEB20 at checkout for an exclusive discount !


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