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Strong is the New Skinny: Bikini Body Bootcamp: Heather Newman

I never really considered myself to be unhealthy, under or overweight, until I got the mid 40's changes in gut, energy, hormones and thyroid.....

I landed myself in the category of feeling fluffy, bloated, low energy, tired all the time, feeling in a funk, not sure what the #### was going on......

eating hardly nothing but gaining weight in places I had never dealt with before......

I don't like DR'S - i don't like medications to fix things that I know I could probably be doing a better job with....

I had no real answers as to how I could fix it all other than people saying "we aren't young anymore, this is what happens" - well,......if you know me, I don't take things like that without doing major major research!!!! GOOGLE, YOUTUBE, SHERLOCK HOLMES HERE I COME

I've been on this new journey for almost 3 years. 

It kills me to see women get discouraged so quickly and be after that "magic pill" or "quick fix".

Yes , it's been a crazy climb and yes, it was one hell of a ride. 

I was always very thin (smaller frame) growing up and my journey didn't begin with me needing to lose a huge amount of pounds. This is why I say my story is a little bit different, yet similar in the sense that my struggle was in my everyday habits.

Our motivation to change these unhealthy habits needs to stem from and be built on our desire to help ourselves for US, not for a number on a scale.

I wanted to share my story with you!


If you're ready to take the next step in your journey and get started, I would love to talk you through what you need to begin.

Fill out the form below and lets talk!

Get Bikini Body ready with me! It takes 21-30 days to a spring break bod!


I want to let you in on my lil personal secret. 

Here is the low down and what to expect from my BIKINI BODY BOOT CAMP: 30 minute workouts, my personal meal plan with a proven portion control system, no starvation, balance, gratitude, positivity & daily improvements!

I don't work out for hours a day, I don't diet, I don't count calories & I don't worry if what I'm doing will work.

It just does! I want to teach you how. 

Fill out the form below or email me HEATHERNEWMANFITNESS@GMAIL.COM


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