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sugar is the devil: 7-day sugar detox guide results are in

I CANNOT thank you enough for the time, energy, focus, commitment and just all around POSITIVE VIBES going thru this amazing journey. I opened up my first BETA TEST GROUP a few months ago and to see the results and get all of the feedback just warms my soul and makes my heart smile.

Huge shout out to Diane Favalora, Roxann Davis, Diane Boyle, Pamela Clark, Heather Seaner and Rebecca LeBlanc for their full commitment and support. Did I even mention the crazy results these ladies had? It wasn't EASY but it was SIMPLE and they stuck to it! I am so proud of each and every single one of them.

My next TEST GROUP is open for registration now and the only cost to you is the investment in the guide and the cost of your own groceries, yes we have to go buy some healthier nutrition options but I give you the full list of everything you'll need. I'm here to hold your hand and now we've got 6 other #SugarBabe Coaches to help you too! They don't know it yet but yes they've now become an ambassador for the #SD7 club! hee/hee!!!

Thank you thank you thank you!

If you or anyone else you know in your friends or family circle is struggling with the addiction to sugar, please try this easy to follow guide and join our group for support!

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