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Sugar is the devil: 7-day Sugar detox method

Want to KICK THE SUGAR HABIT? Ready to feel absolutely amazing?! Just incase you missed MY BETA TEST GROUP - i'm hosting a GAMMA TEST GROUP- YOU ARE PERSONALLY BEING INVITED BY ME AND we start October 1st:

To apply join us here: JOIN GAMMA TEST GROUP

As you might already know, I ran a BETA TEST group the beginning of this month doing a 7-Day Sugar Detox and the results were absolutely amazing! 

Over 50 pounds lost in my little test group combined and the ladies (one guy) really did learn so much more than they ever thought possible in such little time.  Their bodies really did respond!  I'm not saying it's going to be EASY but it is VERY SIMPLE.....I provide you with a grocery list, recipes, tips and coaching.....

Basically, if it's not on the LIST - WE DON'T EAT IT...for 7 days!!  You won't feel hungry, I promise and your morning DETOX WATER recipe is KEY TO CONTROLLING those nasty cravings!!!  

How to get started?

(1) Fill this quick form out: : JOIN GAMMA TEST GROUP

(2) You'll receive a "welcome" email from me that will give you more details once we get closer to getting started on October 1st. 

(3) Our private group will open up once I get all applications gathered: Until then, you are encouraged to apply to JOIN OUR PRIVATE group here:

(4) Last but not least and very very important to your success.... is that you get your own personal copy of the paperback method, planner, guide and workbook we will be using so you can start getting yourself prepared:  get my copy of the guide here !!

(5) I'm so excited to see what results are in store for you in just 7-days if you follow along as the method WORKS! You won't be left hungry, I promise! Just gonna knock out that SUGAR HABIT for 7 days and see how awesome your body feels!!

We're gonna have fun!!




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