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When we unleashed the first version of the DAILY UNLEASH JOURNAL - we knew it would be the perfect jump start for 2021 to unscramble our brains and really have a NO FLUFF simple system to express daily gratitude and brain dump all of our ideas, to-do list things and unleash all the BIG DREAMS AND GOALS that we have set for our self this year.

The journal was ready for you to USE MY 10 BUBBLE METHOD to jot down 10 goals every day for the first quarter of the year. The Unleash Journal has a total of 100 pages for you to UNLEASH in and that gives us plenty of space to really DREAM BIG and utilize each page in our morning routine.

Each page has a space designated for 3 things we are grateful for every single day. This sets the tone for the day and it also has a spot to SET OUR APPOINTMENT with ourself for our daily WORKOUT so we make sure to get body movement in - NO EXCUSES if we want to hit those goals! we are in another QUARTER of 2021! THE PINK Unleash Journal will be hitting the shelves this week and you are the FIRST TO HEAR ABOUT IT!

The color is my favorite and it's so happy - I cannot wait to get mine!!

Moving on to Quarter 2 ----- be it you decide to use the BLACK COPY OR THE PINK COPY - these journals are the best way to really start focussing on the way you want your life to unfold instead of rolling with the punches and going along with whatever life throws your way.

Let's be intentional about what we want. Do you want to end 2021 and think back as if you didn't move the needle forward toward that new house, new job, new business, new car, organized closet or garage?? Whatever it is that you've been putting off and just not motivated to GET DONE - I know this will help you! It's my simple secret that changed my life forever!!!

I hope you enjoy this UNLEASH JOURNAL!! Let me know which one you get!!


xoxo, Heather


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