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THE SKINNY #7: only for CERTAIN ears: are there lost books; ARE THERE DIFFERENCES IN BIBLE VERSIONS?

When we read the GOSPEL - "the scriptures say...."

We are being soaked with MIS-BELIEF!!! We can now be EDUCATED with our own DEEP DIVE.

We are here to spread the light! and LOVE.

I am not here to CONVINCE YOU OF ANYTHING! This might not even be on your radar. My hope is that I help you establish a path to true scripture. If you are unhappy? read the Bible. If you feel lost? read the Bible.

HE speaks. He LIVES. He SAVES. HE answers.

I am sharing my deep dive into the conspiracy about ....THERE ARE A LOT OF MISTAKES IN THE BIBLE..........

First, have you read the BIBLE?

Only 5% of Christians have read the Bible cover to cover. I'm currently in the process. One page at a time. On my time. On my own pace.

The Bible is an ancient work that was not originally written in English. To understand how it was transcribed is very important before understanding the THEORIES out there.

Regardless of your personal beliefs -

Here is the reality...and yes, it's long but here is your opportunity to educate yourself and become a scholar of your own.

If you don't want to invest the time to listen to this AMAZING VIDEO FULL OF FACTS AND HISTORY, I'll give you the FAST FORWARD - TIME MARK.

To get some of the answers you might have been asking - you can fast forward to time mark 58:13 on the video below- however I do recommend you listen to the ENTIRE VIDEO - 2-3X HONESTLY TO TRULY FIND THE FACTS. You can do your own homework to find out who this gentleman is and his education prior to watching.

Here we go - sit back and listen - I hope you find this MIND OPENING IF NOT MIND BLOWING. It helped me understand a lot of questions that I had personally.

I personally own the CSB version - you can find mine here: CLICKABLE LINKS BELOW. I LIKE THE SPACE ON THE SIDES in the margins to write and take notes and put dates that I read the scriptures, etc. I added tabs to help me find what I'm looking for easier and it's really pretty!!



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