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The TRUTH about your deep desires!

A DREAM board helps you clarify what you want out of your life because it forces you to put something down!

What if you actually don’t have a burning desire or a great, big dream? What if you haven’t really figured it out yet? If you have some vague idea, something you can at least get it down on paper, I’ve found it can actually help us clarify our desires. I can help you find clarity.

As you reflect on your vision each day, certain things pull on you and others become increasingly tiresome. After a while, you begin to notice you don’t really care about this. But that, well that is something you’re excited to reflect on each day.

Go in the direction of those things that pull you and don’t be afraid of modifying your vision over time. Boy, I know my path has changed direction many times but that’s what makes it all so worth it and FUN!!! Life isn’t meant to be lived stuck in one season. Burning desires are God’s nudges! My will help you uncover what’s tugging on your heart. If you want change; You have to change something. Join now 👇🏼

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