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Tone -N-10! Quick at-home workout:

The weekend is here!!!! Can you believe we are already more than halfway through the month of April?? . What happened to March?? . Well the weekends usually are a time to relax and maybe indulge a little bit!! To help you stay on track, here is a quick arm burn to keep you get tightened and toned! We’ll just call it “TONE -N- 10”!!!!!💥💥 . Grab a Light set of weights..... let’s get working!!! Oh , real quick, I'm going to be sharing a series of TONE-N-10 if you want more info - please fill out this form - DETAILS COMING SOON!!


Three (3) rounds. Four (4) workouts. One (1) minute each. . 1. Bicep curls with sumo squats. 💥 2. Reverse lunge with lateral reach. 💥 3. Bicep curl to shoulder press. 💥 4. Tricep dips with alternating kicks.💥 . go enjoy your beautiful Saturday🌸 —————————————————— Where to get that?? —-> Follow me on the shopping app to get the product details for this look and others (everything in the photo is linked)

Please let me know if you need help with any of them - they are helpful tools but I am only one email away too! Most of these are FREE !!! Check them out - I hope you find them helpful.

1. Join my current MINDSET MATTERS group going on now: or try the new AT HOME BOXING PROGRAM - IT'S AMAZING and click here too see the RESULTS people have gotten from this FROM HOME

2. Become a coach on my team and work from home, helping others

3. Vision Board online workshop: Make your dreams come true

4. Goal Setting like a boss: Learn how to set goals that actually come true

5. The Sugar Detox Guide: Online version to losing weight and getting healthier includes recipes and full grocery list

6. Hashtags Unleashed: Have you ever wondered how to use hashtags on instagram to get more traction and followers? Or how to use them as search options? This mini course shows you HOW! I struggled too....until I learned this strategy.

7. Sugar Free Grocery List - printable to use over and over again

8. ABs Blueprint - how to lose the fluff around the tummy

12. E2E: Empty Comments to Engaged Conversations: This is if you run any type of facebook group, OWN YOUR OWN ONLINE BUSINESS or you just seem to have zero interaction with your community......I've got some tips for you THAT WORK! - you'll love this! It works!

------> WANT TO TRY SOME UNICORN JUICE (aka energize) for motivation an healthy energy? It's all plant based and tastes delicious - I drink this every single day to stay full of healthy energy and gives me focus!! Keeps me going and helps me get in my water intake - click here to check it out

If you are looking for Nutrition options to keep your health on track without all the FAD DIETS - I share all of my favorites HERE!


CLICK THE PHOTO ABOVE FOR ALL THE DETAILS....this is one of the best at home programs I've ever done!

xoxo, H


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