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What I Eat | My Workouts | Body Update: Body Transformation: Heather Newman

What is up you guys? Welcome back to my blog! I just finished up a little bit of recording for my next Podcast! I am doing a workout program that I wanted to talk to you about today because I know some people don't really understand what it is I do (besides teach LIVE Barre classes in my local community) - know that my 4-5 Barre classes that I teach locally every week is NOT HOW I changed my body! Barre helps, don't get me wrong but I need you to understand that you cannot out work a bad diet! You just can't.

And here is another thing - if you enjoy eating OFF TRACK more often than not, you will never have ABs like in the magazines. No matter how many sit ups you attempt to do. You cannot out work a bad diet. Period.

I run a BootyCamp that I am in right now - along with my coaches on my Team Nola Fit - and that just means, not only am I doing well with my program but everyone else on my team is being held accountable too! Gosh, I just love them so much!

When my people do well, that makes me happy!

So this is what I do. I run a bootcamp (aka bootycamp) where I hold people accountable every single day. I have trainers come in your living room (virtually) online to check up with you - explain everything to you and I come in there and I am your personal FIT BFF!

I'm like your virtual friend that allows you to stay home and workout! We can workout together! And you don't even need to leave your home.


In the line of work that I am in - Coaching - it's all about helping others succeed....

The solution that I found almost 3 years ago transformed my life in so many ways - not just my weight!

It is not rocket science but there is a system and a method and a program.

I live my life by this " you don't have to be perfect" but go hard. Get off the phone and do something!

The current program I am doing is only 4 days per week and they are :30 minute workouts (from my home gym) aka garage!!

Ya know I used to beat myself up over not being on track with everyone else in my accountability group and I used to make sure everyone was on the same day doing the same exact workout program but as my FIT GYM as progressed and grown over the years - it's just something that I don't want anyone to stress over. Don't beat yourself up if you miss a day - NOPE - just pick up where you left off and you do the program that is best suited for YOU and your lifestyle and your level ya know!

I help you with all of that to decide where to start and when to progress to something new to keep the body guessing to keep the body challenged and forever changing for the better. I will teach you that YOUR BODY WILL ACHIEVE WHAT THE MIND BELIEVES - If you wake up and tell yourself, "I'm fat", I'll never lose weight or whatever it is - THEN OK, COOL - GAME ON that's what you will get!!

But if you wake up and tell yourself something positive every single day - "this is what I love about myself today" say something good about yourself every single day!!! really, try it for 7 days! straight!

So, these workouts are soooo cool, you can travel and still not get off your game. This workout is not a yo-yo - it's a steady lifestyle. You never fall off. You have 4 days to do a :30 minutes workout. Whatever 4 days you want to! You choose.


In terms of nutrition - I will be accepting a few ladies into my ONLINE FIT GYM and I will help you get started. I am doing a full nutrition bootcamp on this - so if you want to work with me, I got you!!

All you need is your FIT KIT PROGRAM to get started - that's it.

I share everything I've learned from my trainers and experts with you. I can show you the hacks that help you get thru the struggles, and not get so hung up on the little things.

I've seen a bigger transformation by living my life and going hard on the workouts that are only 4 days a week. I am inviting you to be one of my BFF FIT BABES - shoot me your info here and let's do this - You can be a part of something that is a lifestyle of positive hope and support to change things!

Luv ya, xx, H


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