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What to do During Social distancing? Slay the Coronavirus Lockdown!

"Fear- it's such an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.⠀ * be afraid of (someone or something) as likely to be dangerous, painful, or threatening.⠀ Synonyms - panic, anxiety, unease, doubt, nerves, foreboding... ⠀" Stress actually reduces the frequency of your body and causes it to become more susceptible to sickness.

"Your normal body frequency at a healthy state is 62-72 MHz. If it dips to 58 MHz you’re likely to get a cold or flu. At 42 MHz you become susceptible to cancer. So in times like these where fear, stress, panic seems to be spreading like wild fire across the nation and globe, we really need to be aware of what we can do" So what can we do? ⠀ 1. Thoughts Like I share HERE on LITE YOUR SOUL ....(PLEASE JOIN US FOR POSITIVE DAILY SCRIPTURE) it is so important to make sure to stay in alignment with truth.

This is a good time to just sit and meditate on the truth of the word of God and ask, “what do I really believe?” Have good conversations with Him and get your heart settled. He understands and He will speak to your soul. ⠀ * pray ⠀ *sing ⠀ *breathe ⠀

2. Food- Eat clean. In times of stress we usually reach for what brings comfort in the moment, but it’s not always the wisest choice. Food has MAJOR EFFECT ON OUR BODIES! Wellness is wisdom. Use wisdom in this time for your benefit! ⠀

Choose fresh fruit instead of items from the pantry (processed not real food). Reach for what will strengthen you long term and not just what will soothe for a moment but have no beneficial effects long term. ⠀ 3. Move. Exercise. Keep your body flowing. Keep your endorphins rolling. Don’t get stagnant. Keep your energy high so to speak. Stay far away from gloom and doom.


Move, move, move. You can exercise at home. It’s not a time to throw everything out the door. Keep up the good fight of faith! Keep MOVING!!!!

JOIN ME HERE IN MY FREE WORKOUT FACEBOOK GROUP FOR VIDEOS YOU CAN DO FROM HOME!!!⠀ He really is faithful. He really will come to your rescue, to your anxiety, to your fear and He will reveal who He is! Just lean in. If you need prayer or anything - DM me. I’ll be glad to help how I can.




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