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You’ve probably heard about my Sexy Momma Shakes and how they changed my fluctuating weight...

Not a day goes by where I’m not whipping up a quick shake around 10:30am after my workout before I go teach a class or meet with a client!

But my Sexy Momma Super Foods shakes are just the tip of the "MUST HAVES "iceberg when it comes to nutrition and all the things that changed my life forever. I did so much research and tried everything out there under the sun before I found the nutrition that has nutrients from the soil of Peru (that we just cannot grow here in the states alone). I finally found REAL PLANT BASED supplements that actually work and don't contain all the "crap" in them that the FDA allows ....

I joined forces with a few products and tools to help you and your family eat balanced, healthy meals and take great care of yourself. My family has been taking advantage of all "the things" I now have to offer for over almost three years—and we are all so much better off for it!

Today I want to highlight for you some of my personal best nutrition-related products and tools, including some of my top favorites!

Unicorn Juice - MY MORNING & all around ENERGIZE plant based healthy drink! Whether you’re chasing toddlers around (aka mom juice) or getting ready for an intense workout, we all could use a little boost. That’s where Energize comes in. Developed as a pre-workout supplement, mixing this into water gives you a quick, refreshing pick-me-up using plant-based natural stimulants. And it’s awesome for simply combating the afternoon slump most of us tend to feel! Energize comes in lemon and fruit punch flavors, and gives you energy without leaving you jittery like caffeine.

Boy is this a game changer - at my age, I'll take anything to help with skin, hair and nails from the inside OUT! Radiant skin and healthy nails begin on the inside—where creams and masks can’t reach but this Collagen Boost can. Just add this Collagen Boost to water or your Sexy Momma Shake or your favorite beverage to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, and support healthy nails—with just one daily targeted scoop.

Hydrate Dehydration is so hard on your body—during workouts or even just during everyday life. And the symptoms are no fun: brain fog, fatigue, headache, and dizziness (just to name a few). Enter Hydrate. This easy water mix-in reduces dehydration by replacing electrolytes and increasing fluid absorption. And with absolutely no artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, or preservatives, it’s so much better for you than a lot of other sports drinks on the market.

Recover This my friend, is the ONLY protein shake I'll drink these days! Recover combats exercise-induced muscle pain, speeds muscle recovery (hence the name), and restores strength. And it tastes great to boot (orange and chocolate flavors—yum!). Packed with all kinds of scientifically-tested goodness including phytonutrients and protein, Recover has quickly become a go-to for so many people, including me. Runners love it, CrossFit folks love it, moms love it, and I LOVE it!

Beachbars We’re all crazy busy these days. I don’t care whether you’re a stay-at-home-mom or a high-powered executive, finding time for nutritious, on-the-go snacks can be super hard. Beachbars can be a HUGE timesaver and belly-pleaser when you’re out and about (or just want something quick at home). These delicious bars come in two yummy flavors: chocolate cherry almond and peanut butter chocolate. They are loaded with protein and super low in sugar, and are a great source of fiber and phytonutrients and amino acids, too! They are great for tossing in your diaper bag before you run out the door, packing in kids’ lunches, and taking along on family trips. Warning: if you try them, you’re likely to get hooked! They are that good.

These are just a few of some of my favorite healthy nutrition products. But there’s so much more! From 3-in-1 smoothies for kids to creatine supplements to portion control tools and recipes galore, there are so many great tools and products that can truly revolutionize your health—and help you create a life you love.

And as a coach on my team, you automatically get a 25% discount off of all products (not to mention a TON of other perks). Some women on my team have signed up just for the discount—and that’s totally fine! I support any and every step in the right direction towards wellness and wholeness.

If you’re interested in learning more about coaching, or just want to get your hands on some of these killer products, I’m your girl! Shoot me a message and we’ll get right on it!


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