ABs Blueprint

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YOU JUST FOUND MY SECRET SAUCE! Are you looking for a place to get started?  Are you super confused like I was with all the things out there telling you how to get rid of the belly bloat?! Are you just not sure where or how to even begin? I was completely overwhelmed honestly when I started my OLDER AGE fitness journey.  I was about to turn 50 and I had this new fluffy friend around my waistline that had not been there in my prior years.  I honestly wasn't doing anything different (so I thought) from my younger years but these things called CHANGING HORMONES kicked my ###! I decided to put together a STARTING POINT that is super easy to just get started small.  Baby steps because too much information at one time causes complete overload and SHUT DOWN.   So, I call this my ABs Blueprint.  It's an easy way to simply get started when you aren't sure where to even begin making changes. It's a printable 7-page guide with all the things you'll need.  You can print it out and actually write all over it - get messy with it as you start journaling and checking off the days that you do your AB workout!   What's in it for you?  -I give you 5 easy ways to speed up your 6