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learn what being a coach is all about

join my coach apprenticeship for a free experience to see what i do

if you'd like to join my free coach apprenticeship, please complete these steps

 step 1.  subscribe to the free trial bod here 


You will be required to enter a credit card, but will NOT be charged until your trial expires. I will give you directions for canceling or upgrading before then! 

  • Select the 3 month option because that one comes with the 14 day free trial: 

 step 2.  complete this application so i know your goals

If you have any questions, please email me at

I am so excited to start working together to help you build the life of your dreams! 

common questions about coaching!


1.  When I signed on to be a coach, you mention a $15.95/monthly fee - what is that for?

You can coach without purchasing anything - there is a $15.95 fee per month to have access to your own business website to refer your clients to so you will get credit - i'll send you your link in a few. it also gets you access to all the healthy recipes that you will want to share with potential clients and all the FAQ AND BACK OFFICE to all of the marketing and training that comes with being a coach - look at it as your business and there is NO BUSINESS YOU COULD RUN FOR $15.95 A MONTH - you will not even feel that in a couple of months honestly. it's like pandora or spodify or 2 coffees literally.

2.  What is the Challenge Pack or Completion Pack Free Enrollment offer? 

Any customer who purchased a Challenge Pack or Completion Pack can enroll as a Coach and be reimbursed for their Business Starter Kit purchase.


How can I request a reimbursement?

•Enroll as a Coach online and pay the Coach fee.  

• To get the Business Starter Kit fee the refunded, please fill out the refund request form and within 31 days of enrolling as a Coach.

   - The full $39.95 US ($49.95 CAD) Coach fee, plus any tax, will be refunded. 

   - The $5 handling fee for Canadian orders is nonrefundable.

•   To get the refund, it must be requested within 31 days of enrollment. 

The two cost options that I mentioned earlier can be summed up as below:

  • Buying Products for the 25% Discount: Choosing this option would cost you $39.95 that will be paid out as sign up fee while another $15.95 will be paid every month following the initial sign up fee. However, there is nothing more to it. No added fees or costs whatsoever. This is the simplest sign up process. After the 1 time $39.95 fee you will pay $15.95 a month to be a coach, but you will save 25% off of all products. Most people who nurish their bodies with SUPERFOODS every month will do this because they end up saving about $20 a month. YES, i'm all about the discount!


  • Enjoying a 25% Discount & Making Money From Sales: if you want to use one of my workout Programs to build a business and also provide products to clients, you will have to pay $39.95, the usual sign up fee unless you buy a challenge pack as that would help to waive off the one time fee. You still pay the marketing tools fee $15.95 a month. This gets you your websites as well so it is money well spent. Aside from these two, in order to remain active, you will maintain 50 volume points  “about $55” after every 35 days or refer people merchandise worth the same money.

(However, if you buy the a full workout kit or challenge Pack while my coach sign up process is going on, you will NOT be required to pay the $39.95 as sign up fee.

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