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Here are 12 points that will help you understand if this business is right for you!


  1. You do NOT have to be a fitness guru or a nutritionist or be skinny or jacked, but you do have to be driven!

  2. You have to want to help others. The more people you help, the more money you make.

  3. It’s perfect for people who have been wanting to start their own business, but haven’t had the resources or ability to take the risk.

  4. It’s also ideal for people who have been struggling financially, and need some extra cash flow.

  5. You can be part-time or full-time – this is YOUR business and you make your hours and schedule. There is no contract, or quota.

  6. This is the perfect business for people who want control over their income. If you don’t want someone else dictating what you make no matter how you work, this is for you. It is not a long shot to double, triple or quadruple your income within a year or less.

  7. You have to care about your own health. You can’t successfully help others get healthy when you don’t want to live that out yourself – this is an amazing motivator to get the body you want!

  8. No, Tony Horton will not be your boss

  9. This is perfect for people who want or need to work from home – caregivers, moms, dads, people who like freedom.

  10. Coaching can open up doors you didn’t know existed, bring in an income you never knew possible, and help you establish something that you’ve always dreamed of!

  11. It is so fun!

  12. It is incredibly rewarding! No more coming home from work at the end of the day thinking, “what’s the point?”

I've built a brand (from ordinary moms to high ranked corporate professionals) into strong women, doing incredible things for others while reclaiming the precious time and freedom they now have to spend more time with their families.  They are now helping others and designing a life by design, health & fitness that they really want all while sharing and helping others along the way.  


along side thousands of other coaches successfully creating a nice secondary income while constantly improving their own health and energy levels!


Should you choose to join us, you will get -ME- Personally. I will mentor and show you everything I've done and more importantly step by step proven systems I've created to earn you instant income to help take the financial edge off. We will get you making money, seeing and feeling a difference your very first month!  How cool would it be to pay Christmas in CASH this year or make an extra $200-$500/month while getting in shape?


This is NOT a spam account nor is it a get rich quick scheme... It's a chance to change your life! To finally push things in the direction of your dreams and no longer having to adjust to what life throws at us.


I pride myself and my past success on how well and fast you --feel and see a difference! Tried of working so many hours? Settling for what "they" will pay you? Both of you working? Not having the extra money to do or buy those cool things for your kiddos? So far we've paid off my sons cars (both of them), paid off a loan, paid for Christmas presents IN CASH, bought groceries, took more vacations and the future is so exciting now. My heart pours out for you... I want every mom to find true freedom, their happy place! It starts as a great side income and the most amazing group to be part of. Where you take it from there is limitless. I will walk or sprint this journey with you. That- is my promise.


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