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Well, when it comes to SHAVING - I think i've tried everything under the sun! I've finally found the best bang for your buck when it comes to RAZORS/blades and shaving cream. I got tired of borrowing my husbands shaving cream and buying all of the over priced girly smelly shaving gels that last less than a month.....when all else fails use conditioner! Yep, inexpensive Suave conditioner is the best shaving cream for a close smooth shave. If you have time (a better option) pick up one of my staples - try shaving with 100% extra virgin coconut oil - it can be used for so many things head to toe. It leaves your skin soft and moisturized! When it comes to razors and blades - I tried every girly razor on the market - ended up with a Mach III (men's razor) that i used for a long time but the price of the blades at $17 a pop was killing me! Then I found DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB - have you heard of it? I snapped about it a couple of times and will continue to do so! OMG - what a bargain. The razor is high quality - it's white (which i love) and it's pretty solid/heavy! the blades i get auto shipped to me every 2 months for only $% - yep 4 blades every 2 months for $5 that's it! Promise! No tricks. It's the best program ever! To join the club just click here: JOIN SHAVE CLUB WITH HEATHER

Coconut Oil can be ordered here:

You can see how detailed the blades are - they really shave close and get the job done. I am so pleased with this shave club option - it's saved me a lot of headache and money!

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