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I've been traveling and fighting a summer cold but I hear your requests and I'm so happy to share my shopping secrets with you! If you follow me on InstaGram #GlitterUBlog you'll notice I wear these ALL THE TIME (unless i'm wearing my pearl studs) - these hoops are super light weight and since my holes are stretched from wearing all those 80's chunky earrings (yep-that was me)...I have to be very careful with the earrings I choose. These are the best of the best as far as being versitale! I can wear these on the beach with my swimsuit to lay out or I can wear these out on the town! I do not recommend the costume ones. If you want a SOLID hoop earring - I'd go ahead and invest your money in a good pair. One good pair! I personally like these 2" hoops - they are seamless for the clasp and I have definetely gotten my dollar out of them! You'll notice these on me MOST of the time in my SnapChat stories too! I swear I even wear them to the gym because sometimes I forget I even have earrings on! xx H

Click here to find these 2" gold hoop earrings like mine:

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These 14k gold hoops are truly my absolute favorite earrings. I've owned about 3 pair over the past 20 years and for a while I could not find them ANYWHERE which was so frustrating but for now - the link is shown here - not sure how many pair(s) they have in stock though - i might have to get me a back up pair!

I am also posting a less expensive version for another option if you don't want to spend quite that much link is shown here

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