Step 1. How to become a Health & Fitness Influencer?

So many people ask me how I got involved in the health & fitness industry and where did I receive my certifications and education for this type of career?

I thought I'd take you thru a series of steps to explain some of the pieces of this amazing puzzle!

I teach barre and group fitness classes through my national accredited certifications that took a lot of studying and preparation for. Years went into my experience and education for my actual group training classes. I really enjoy being an instructor which led me to an interest in nutrition. Now let me be clear, I do not like to cook. I am actually a picky eater and not really into all the veggies - ya feel me?

With all of my one on one contact in my group teachings, I had so many clients ask me what type of foods they should be eating and what type of pre & post supplements they should be using, etc.

This is the door that sprung open my HEALTH & FITNESS (including nutrition) research! As I reviewed so many courses and studies to learn about how nutrition should fuel your body, etc. I started following other women who were in the industry but actually sharing their knowledge ONLINE! What an amazing new concept! It was 2014 and instagram was a evolving into this whole new world of bloggers and influencers (new to me atleast - as THE GRAM started in 2010). I followed several women who were MY AGE and into health & fitness and just watched what they were doing and finally I reached out to 2 of them to ask about their certifications and what products they were using and WHY!! I continued to WATCH AND FOLLOW debating which road I would eventually take.

Fast forward to July 2017 when I decided to TRY FOR MYSELF a 3-day cleanse that finally shook my metabolism FINALLY - as a women in her 40's - my body was just NOT THE SAME ANYMORE and I was carrying weight in new areas that I just couldn't get off. The old things I used to do were NOT working anymore! Followed this 3-day cleanse and invited a few friends to do it with me - WE ALL HAD GREAT RESULTS. Less bloating, more energy, lost 5-8 pounds (mostly water retention but HEY) - THIS MIGHT BE something I want to learn more about! Started drinking my new superfoods shakes for breakfast and BAM - I STARTED TO FEEL LIKE MY OLD (younger) self again! Then, I find out there's a 25% discount if I sign up as a coach - I'M IN and I never looked back. I began sharing my story because like most women - I want to share where I found a great deal and something that WAS WORKING FOR ME - they tried and most fell in love as well.

Today, I still teach 5x per week and I train a couple clients privately and I NEVER SKIP A DAY OF MY VEGGIE SHAKES - ever! It was about the nutrition for me personally - that led me into my COACHING world of today. I love photography, I love fitness, I love sharing things that help others and I love HELPING OTHERS (click here to join my team and become a coach too) lose weight and fight the BULDGE of MID LIFE MOMS and other females - it was a NO BRAINER!! I love what I do every single day. I share my journey - WITHOUT ANY REGRET. I don't care about what others may say or think, this opportunity (because it was my missing piece of my puzzle) has changed my life forever ! Did I believe in the superfoods shakes at first - I WANTED TO - so I tried it - why not, I tried EVERYTHING ELSE that wasn't healthy for me - THIS WAS! Completely 100% the healthiest thing (all organic and not artificial crap made in a factory by man) I could fuel my body with to supplement all those greens that I don't EAT on the daily but TRY TO! I don't have to worry about that anymore, I get my daily dose of dense nutrition and I have been sick only 2x since I started over 450+ days ago! All I do is share what I love and getting good results - so I shout it from the rooftops!! That's how you become an influencer - you're giving advice - true, authentic, daily lifestyle, REAL ADVICE!! BE YOU!

You DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE A SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT to start being an influencer - I will show you every single step of the way and you can grow ORGANICALLY too!! I had less than about 200 personal followers when I started.

How do you start this type of journey with a huge community of support?

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