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This awesome sequence was Inspired by one of my favorite at home workouts - it's actually a Total Body Circuit. I decided to jot some of these down to share with you incase you are wanting to start doing "something at home" but aren't quite sure where to start. I would first start with ABS (click here to see this workout) then jump over to this - you can always screen shot it and save it in your phone to do wherever you want - in your home, at the gym, on the go, while on vacation in your hotel room - whatever - it's excuse proof!

Here are some of my favorite full body fat burning moves. This version is a condensed one. See link below for the Full Workout.

Do 30 seconds per moves , Repeat Circuit 2 more Times! If you are not sure what these moves look like - you can google them or you can reach out to me and I can get you plugged into my Fit Gym for the full video recorded version to use on your own time 24/7.

1. Shoulder Tap - Left (30 seconds) 2. Shoulder Tap - Right (30 Seconds) 3. Squat / Lunge Forward (30 seconds) 4. Squat Lunge Progression to the Side (30 Seconds) 5. 2 and 2 Jabs (30 Seconds) 6. 2 and 2 moving jabs (jack feet) (30 Seconds) 7. Moving plank with a wide burpee (30 Seconds) 8. Moving plank with a burpee squat hold (30 Seconds) 9. Sprint it out (30 Seconds) 10. Power jacks (30 Seconds) 11. Sprint 4 seconds, Squat 4 Seconds (30 Seconds) 12. Walking Pike ups , 4 steps (30 Seconds) 13. Hop 3 times Pike Ups (30 Seconds) 14. Hop 1 time Pike ups (30 Seconds) 15. Always end with a good Stretch!!! 3 mins minimum! Obviously the REAL Focus of this workout is found in the workout program in my Fit Gym called T25 is a much better way to experience the workout but i really wanted to give you a preview.

To Shop the Best Prices of my at home workout Programs , visit my website - Click Here  , BTW all workouts and bundles from my website include my one on one coaching, meal planning and access to my Online (at home) virtual Fit Gym Experience for a full year. I've included a full list of all of my current favorite moves. I use some of these in my Live Barre Classes also with my #BarreBabes..... You'll notice everything is about a progression to that compounded move. I just LOVE IT and I know once you get into this habit, you will too!

TOTAL TIME: 25 minutes Cool down is about 3 minutes at the end - who doesn't have 25 minutes?? I know you can find 25 minutes to invest in your health!

Good luck - I hope you enjoyed this and if you would like to see more of these workouts posted, give me a tag on your Instagram or Facebook - I hang out there too.

xoxo, Heather


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