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When I first started my fitness journey, I thought there were only 2 things that really mattered. My workouts and what I ate. Period.

But honestly, that's only a small part of what it takes to create real, lasting change.


Through the years, I've come to learn that in order for those to ever make a difference you have to get your mind right and that starts with learning to love yourself unconditionally. I get how easy it sounds and I know how hard it is to actually do it.

It took me a long time to figure out how to heal old wounds, traumas and baggage, become self-aware of negative thought patterns and to let go of negative thought patterns. It can be challenging and awkward to learn how to truly love yourself. If you weren't brought up to love yourself for who you are, just as you can be challenging to re-wire your brain..but the good news is, I did it and I am here to help you do the same.


I've poured my heart into this workbook F2F and I know over the next 4 weeks (1 day per week) (NOTE: this program was 7 days, it's been revised into a 4-week experience ONE DAY PER WEEK) you're going to learn so much about yourself and be on your way to falling madly in love with YOU!


PS - THAT IS NOT BEING SELFISH. This is what God intended

F2F: Funk to Fab 4-week workshop

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