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About me

I’m Heather! A forty-something fitness, beauty, fashion, and style blogger. I am a certified AFAA & Barre instructor but most importantly, I am a
devoted wife and mother to two handsome grown boys.  I’ve always had a love for all things beauty, fashion, fitness and anything to do with maintaining a decorated, organized, functional home and family. Although I have made many sacrifices being a mom to my family .... I try really hard to always take care of myself with a workout routine and beauty regime, keeping up with current fashion + beauty trends, as well as presenting a stylish image. I used to own a boutique, then an online store for years.  I've been a part of YouTube, InstaGram (GlitterU), Twitter, Pinterest, TPF, Facebook and now SnapChat (SC=HummerDriver) -even though my boys don't approve of my SC habits.  hee/hee   YOU have been my inspiration that motivated me to re-start my own blog, and here we are. I hope you enjoy my personal take on unique (over 40) style, beauty, food, fitness, family and anything else that my wondering brain wants to share!  
​I hope to inspire other moms who might have fallen into that RUT of life - to find themselves again and to create fitness habits that will continue in their every day routine!  Contact me for help!  I'm here!  Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoy.  xx H

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