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From the FITNESS & BUSINESS SIDE OF THINGS......I've always had the burning desire to run my own successful business and I've managed to do that over the past 20 years in order to be at home to raise my boys and always be a part of their lives.  I owned a boutique for five years, I owned my own Accounting & Book-keeping business and I am beyond grateful that I have had so many God inspired ideas thru the years that have given me all that I could have ever dreamed of.  FAITH, FAMILY & FITNESS are my top priorities.  Corporate cubical was just NOT my JAM!  I felt restricted and tied to someone else's dream and rules. 

 FITNESS IS truly MY PASSION & PURPOSE.   I have been in the FITNESS INDUSTRY for over 30+ years.  I was a dancer from the age of 3 and retired after my final years of COLLEGE DANCE TEAM which led me straight into FITNESS getting certified in 1992 with AFAA/NASM.   I am ACTIVELY board certified CPT/GFI with Special Focus and Studies in Nutrition Science & Health Coaching.  I continue to educate, research and follow scientific studies to stay on the cutting edge of continuing education while maintaining all required credentials and appropriate standings with ALL CEU's.  


There was a point in my life that I was a Diet Coke and Funyuns kind of girl!  It wasn't until I had the boys that I started to really consider what I was putting into my body and how to properly care for it.   I grew up with the "eat less, count calories" mindset.  UGH!  I was a dancer my entire life. When I graduated college, I became certified in group fitness and taught "step aerobic" classes 6x/week.  Years later I rekindled my love of teaching group fitness coming back focussed on complete toning at the BARRE (less impact) with all aspects of applying balance, pilates & ballet movement at the barre including strength training with complete muscle isolation.  I AM HUGE ON CORRECT FORM & CONTROL WITH MUSCLES and body movement.


I furthered my education and certifications to take a deeper dive into helping others on another level.  I created and still teach (in a LIVE STUDIO) #HeatherNewmanBootyBarre100 and #HeatherNewmanBootyBarre365.    I was voted "Northshore's Best Coach of the year 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021" and nominated "Ms. Health and Fitness 2019". 


I have trained and taught others to find and share their passion for fitness! I love teaching classes but my heart still longed to help others more than just that 1 hour I had with them during our class time. I created an opportunity here in this virtual space to help others exponentially in addition to my classes and have loved it!  I am able to help others through my true passion for fitness, nutrition, mindset & supplementation.  Although I'll always be a dancer at heart, I feel my assignment is to help other WOMEN become the best version of themselves!   I've created my #getUnstuck method that can be used as a huge tool to get you on the right path in life, relationships, finances, business, building your own team, and in fitness ......and IT WORKS!  I give you permission to invest in "ME TIME" without guilt and to FILL YOUR CUP so you can pour into everyone else's.  WE AS WOMEN, HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF US BEFORE WE CAN GIVE TO ANYONE ELSE. 

In short, I provide WOMEN with step-by-step programs, using the tools from my HUGE FIT TOOL-BOX, to become the best versions of themselves while having FUN and learning how to become CONSISTENT in making this a lifestyle to take care of their health while keeping it HIP AND CHALLENGING, while making progress!!  Once you become a TONE-BABE in the Online Studio - you'll understand that it's about showing up, dedication, how to continue to show up when the motivation is not there and what it FEELS LIKE TO FEEL GOOD AGAIN - your energy will come back, you will not feel as bloated, you will gain mobility, strength and flexibility and have a GO-TO exercise to do every day, week, month ---- We have a new workout challenge every month and the TONE WORKOUTS can be done in 10-20-30 minutes depending on your level.  I've invested years, sweat and many many tears into creating a safe place for WOMEN to workout from the comfort of their home or they can take their laptop to the gym and do this!  It's flexible, it's not HARD, it's a choice, it's a decision, it's a plan and IT WORKS!  It's a lifestyle once you become a TONE-BABE WITH ME!!!

Let's lock arms - I'd love to work with you on your health, fitness, happiness, motivation, energy,  and goals too.  It's time for YOU to Unleash Your Inner Sparkle!

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xo, Heather

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