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14-Day New Coach BootCamp

I like to think of coaching in three main tasks: Inspire, provide a solution, & support.

Inspire: The first step to encouraging somebody to enact a healthy lifestyle, is to get creative and inspire them!

Provide a solution: This is where COACHING comes in! Their world class programs are second to none and best of all, they’re real! This isn’t a magic pill, or some ambiguous solution. You’re providing the ones you inspire with a real solution that will require THEY SWEAT for their results!

Support: Once your solution is accepted, this is where your ability to motivate and hold accountable kicks in. You will ensure that your customer is focused on executing their workouts daily and following their meal plan.

In the Team Nola Fit mentorship, we’ll talk about how we leverage the NOLA FIT Challenge to hold our customers accountable!

If you’re ready to take a leap in to the world of Health & Wellness coaching, GREAT!

To be eligible for the mentorship, you’ll make your participation official by going through the registration process on the influencer website provided here in pink and sign up to the team!


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