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Sunglasses / RayBan Aviators

Summer is here and I alternate my Sunnies everytime I go out depending on where I'm going and what I will be doing - with that I must say that I usually grab my RayBan Aviators in gold because they are slim and can fit in every single handbag that I own and if i don't want to bring the sunglass case - I can simply wrap them in a napkin to prevent scratches in my clutch - my other Sunglasses (Tom Fords usually) are a bit bulky when it comes to putting them away in my handbag - but good ole' classic RayBan Avaitors are slim and so light weight - they can be dressy or casul and have that classic style about them. I own them in both silver and gold but with my skin tone - the gold looks much better! Not to mention the "richness" of the gold frames with that brown lens - These sunglasses look great on every face shape and size in my opinion - it's a classic style and shape that look great on men and women! Click here to purchase my top pick: RayBan Gold Aviators like mine


If you prefer silver and those colors work better with your skin and hair tones - then these are still a home run! The photo below was taken poolside along the Gulf Coast and these silver RayBans provided all the shade I needed - even wore them in the water! Hope you LOVE yours as much as I LOVE mine! I'd love to see you Snap me your favorite Sunnies! SnapChat: HummerDriver xx H

Click here to purchase Silver option: RayBan Silver Aviators like mine


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