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Secret Fighting Cellulite Weapons.....

Cottage cheese? Dimples? You have more control than you might think! Cellulite is more common in women (our skin is thinner).... I'm going to share my own secret weapons in this war against cellulite! There are some remedies that help minimize the appearance of cellulite - that actually work! This can be frustrating and very emotional for some people (most). Trust me, I know!

What we can control? We can control what we eat.

1. First of all sugar & salt = BAD

2. Sugars from refined carbs = BAD - always try to eat whole grains

3. Hydrated skin is fuller and plump (no dimples) - drink plenty of water - stay hydrated

4. SEAWEED (Kelp) is a secret ingredient (used in Japan) -

All 3 remedies that I use are shown below along with links for you to try for yourself. One is a lotion by Anushka. Anushka is quick and easy to use - great before heading to the beach. Another is the newest product I purchased called Cellulite Defense Cream by Body Merry. I just started using this product and I love the cool tingly feeling it gives - feels like it's actually doing something. I like that it starts working immediately and it's quick/easy to use. So far - so good! Lastly, when time allows - the best option is the SEAWEED mask that you can make on your own! It does take a bit of time though - if you have time - DO IT!! The results are worth the effort.

For now, I'm going to talk about the Seaweed - in the form of a powder you can use this to combat Cellulite in a few ways. I have done dry skin brushing before with a few different items. I’ve used a “soft” bristled skin brush, a copper skin roller (takes some getting used to), and this “cellulite” skin brush I show in my photos. I don’t think it matters too much what kind of brush you get.

Links to purchase your own Cellulite Weapons are underlined and bold print below: just click the link to buy: Note for the mask recipe you will need both the Seaweed Powder & the Green Clay Powder

Anushka Cellulite lotion (currently out of stock)


Green Clay for mask recipe (below)*

Note for the mask recipe you will need both the Seaweed Powder & the Green Clay Powder

But this one I use is easy to hold and pretty cheap which is nice.

DRY BRUSHING - The first thing you want to do (and you want to try to do this every day) is to brush any of your “problem” areas gently with a DRY skin brush (also shown in my photos - link is above photo) in an upward motion, moving the brush up towards your heart. This will bring in more blood and improve circulation along with oxygenation of your skin and slough off old dead skin cells and make your skin brighter and smoother. This alone is beneficial to do every day. If you’re wanting to do your face, make sure you get a small gentle brush and brush down towards your heart, only for a few minutes so you don’t irritate your skin too much.

HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN SEAWEED MASK FOR YOUR PROBLEM AREAS - The next step (and you can do this once or twice a week if you want) is to make your seaweed skin mask.


RECIPE - I mixed one part kelp (seaweed) powder, with one part green clay and added enough water for it to become a loose paste. I would suggest using about 1/4 cup of each if doing a large portion of your body, or 2 tablespoons of each if you’re only doing your thighs. You can use water, olive oil, lemon juice etc to bind the paste together.

Once you have made your seaweed mask you can (in the shower or bathtub, trust me) gently rub it onto your desired area. Smooth it on in one direction for best results so it stays on and covers the most surface area, as opposed to rubbing it on in circles. Wrap your body in saran wrap and stand or lay down (on some more towels) (OR do like I do and just lay in the bath-tub without any water in it and chill) for about 30 minutes to let the product absorb into your skin.

Lastly just head back to the shower/tub and rinse off the seaweed mask. You should notice that your skin is much much smoother to touch and in appearance, and you’ll have far less dimpling from cellulite as well. I can't wait to hear your reviews and see your Snaps (follow me on SC at "HummerDriver) about these suggestions - xx H


Note for the mask recipe you will need both the Seaweed Powder & the Green Clay Powder

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