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Summer Sandals

Have you ever found that ONE summer shoe that you just couldn't wear enough? I'm here to tell you that there is one shoe I don't want to leave home without - and that's my Tkees. These are the most comfortable flip flop style sandals i've ever put on my feet! As you can see from my photos - the first pair I owned really should be put to rest (sorry they look so yucky but I had to show you what 2 years of wear looks like) - however, I just can't bring myself to do it! I will wear these until they fall apart (literally). My favorites are the Sunscreens but I bought a pair of the TKEES FOUNDATIONS STYLE SHOES TOO I wear these pretty much everywhere. If I am not wearing them, believe me they are in my big bag close by incase I need to ever change shoes. I even wear these after the gym! If you haven't tried them yet - YOU SHOULD! Your feet will thank you!! xx H

you see me wear these in most of my photos

The funky looking ones are 2 years old - still going strong, just not so cute - can't see that when they are on your feet - great for the beach!! and pool.....

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