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DECORATE / Pillows & Bench

Ever feel like you just need a little POP to brighten up a room or to change it up a bit without breaking the bank? I love all things fashion and decorating - trust me. I get bored very easily! Styles change and your house needs to add things to stay current just like your wardrobe! Change is good. Change can be fun. It can really make the energy in your home come alive just by changing up a few little yet very important pieces.

I like change and with that I'm always on the hunt for throw pillows, accent pillows and little accent pieces that can change things up a bit without having to RE-DO the entire area. Plus with small changes, you can move them to different areas of your home and change up the space with things you already have! I like big pillows - 22" or larger!! I love mixing textures and fabrics and styles. I'm very eclectic in style and taste because I do not like to be "like every body else". I love pops of the unexpected in any area of my life - xx H

These gorgeous pillows caught my eye immediatly when looking for an accent pillow. They are 22" and simply divine. Classic yet fun.

Not sure how long this will last but the pillows are on sale at this link. Better act fast if we want them at a great price.

This X bench is perfect for anyone who sits at a vanity or needs a bedside stool for the pups to jump on the bed with. I like this one the best in mushroom color. The studs are really what makes it so unique.


A great way to spice up any piece of furniture is to add a matching pair of unique tassels to hang from knobs. It can dress up a buffet, hutch, bedside table or dresser.

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