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Clear Cube / Makeup Caddy

Makeup storage - yep been there done that! I've tried them all - the only functional piece i've ever owned is my clear cube that I snapped about recently. It wasn't cheap and unfortunetly for me - it got messed up when we moved and I left it in the heat in storage for too long. Now I have issues - the drawers get stuck all the time! As frustrating as this is, I continue to try and use my beautiful cube because I can't function without it. It holds everything I need and I can see it all at a quick glance - I love it!

I'm going to link it for you if you don't have a budget and if you do have a budget there is another option as it's the new one I have to work with..... Option 2 is a tad bit smaller and doesn't take up as much counter space - depends on your needs!

Enjoy, xx H


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