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Workout Clothes

It's hard enough to get motivated to workout! Especially being a mom, wife, chef, secretary or whatever it is you do! It's all about priorities though! Workouts are just as important as taking a bath and eating! It's part of your well being. It's heart healthy and it keeps your brain and harmones balanced and in check! Moms are the first to cut workouts out of their routine because we put our family first. Just remember if you are not healthy - you are no good for your family. Your family looks up to you and models what you do - don't you want your family to workout as well?? Follow me on snap chat for workout routines you can screen shot and do on your own time! Scroll down to the bottom for the link to my ALL TIME FAVORITE must have black yoga pants - I own 3!!

It's got to be a priority even if it's a 20 minute walk - DO SOMETHING!! And while you're doing it - make sure you wear something that motivates you and makes you feel cute - not frumpy baggy sweat pants! That's not going to get your energy where you need it to be! I teach Booty Bar and my favorite tee (i wear with jeans too - not just over my tank tops for workout) is my "Meet me at the Barre" tee!! It just makes me feel good and reminds me to take care of ME too! Cardio Queen tanks are the cutest I see at the gym. When I see someone walk in with a bright colored spunky tank - it makes my heart smile!! So cheery and POSITIVE! I've provided you with some shopping links so you can start building your positive workout wardrobe - they are very inexpensive! Don't forget to wear your BALLET SLIPPERS to barre and pilates for that extra grip! Snap me your pics if you have any fun workout gear!!

Links to shop for this look (click here) in hot pink:

If you don't already have a small full set of hand weights - you might want to invest in these for your fall workouts - the weather will be too cold and you will be tempted to make excuses NOT to workout - but if you have your own little set easy access - you will be more apt to actually squeeze in some arms!! With my snaps - we can motivate each other during the cooler season!! (typically when women gain weight) xx H

Ballet slippers provide a custom fit and grip while doing barre or pilates classes - the more you wear them, the better they shape to your feet. Tip - when you get them in - pull the strings tight - tie it in a double knot - then snip the excess ends off and tuck them in your slipper when wearing them - I don't like the strings hanging and having to re-tie them - it interupts your workout! These are my favorite!!!!

Below is a stock photo of my absolute favorite workout pants on the planet - i own 3 pair now and they are super fit, super tough - perfect for anytime wear leggings/yoga pants - they really do FLATTER EVERY FIGURE!!! Worth every single penney!! Ladies - if you don't own a pair - I highly recommend THESE BLACK BOYS!!! Lulu Lemon Black Yoga pants

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