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Barre workout pants....Luv me some LuLu

As much as I wear yoga pants - and wash clothes - I know that the ones that hold up the best actually do cost the most (sad to say). In this case - it is true - you get what you pay for! I am speaking of my LuLu yoga pants - yep - the black one's I live in (i've established a few pair over the years) and most recently added some camp, grey prints and black prints to my wardrobe! What can I say? they hold everything in place, they give great support and best of all - THEY ARE BUILT TO LAST! Thru many many washes without wearing thin on the bottom (your booty area) - Very comfortable! I wore my black ones to Disney Vacation last year with tanks and I was so very comfortable!

I can't say enough good things about my lulu's! If you haven't tried them before - I would suggest investing in atleast one pair - wear that same pair (as I did) to give them a run for their money! Wash daily - wear again - you will be impressed! xx H

Black Ninja Glyder yoga pants (my 2nd favorite brand) - I think they try to be like lulu with a little less of a hit to your wallet - probably my next best thing!

Shhhhh, my secret toe ring - yes it's real gold and i've worn it for 20 years now - NO LIE - i never take it off - even during labor - I had my toe ring on for both deliveries!! Swear!! TOE RING

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