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Well, in south Louisiana the rain won't stop. It's pretty much a hurricane without the winds! No school today (which was nice I have to admit) but the flooding is a concern! Prayers to everyone around our area - we just went thru this in March.....

so to keep my mind (somewhat) off of that.......what else to do but WORK OUT THOSE ARMS. Well, this little arm workout didn't really last too long - in fact - it's super fast! But it works!! It might be one that you want to jot down in your planner to pull out every week.

So if you follow me on SC - I explained if you are not familiar with a term I use - GOOGLE IT - these are simple to do and you can find them all on youtube for demostration if you are uncertain of the correct form and how to do them!

I used the 5 pound hand weights for this exercise - I love this little set to keep stored in my bedroom for quick little arm workouts in the morning and/or evening......

This weight set comes with the little stand to keep them organized and off the floor which I love. It contains hot pink 2 lb, bright green 3 lb and purple 5 lb hand weights. The grip on these are perfect for femine hands and the shape to them is quite unique. Great set for very little money!! GREAT INVESTMENT in your ARMS!! Get rid of the JIGGLE!!!

So here we go. Try to do this workout without taking breaks. Flow from one routine to the next. Overhead press 20x, Tricep chops 20x, Inverted curl to front press 20x, Rear fly (using a bench or chair, lean forward then arms fly to sides straight out to sides) 20x, Diamond leg pushups 20x.....GOOD LUCK!!

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