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Weight Loss

So yesterday on Snap I went over some weight loss tips.

*Eat eggs for breakfast

*Cook with coconut oil

*Cut back on SUGAR

*Eat less carbs

*Portion control or count calories or BOTH

*CLEAN OUT YOUR PANTRY!! Purge all the Junk!!

*Eat spicy foods

*Do aerobic/cardio exercise to burn calories

*Lift weights

*Eat fruit & veggies

Beat your food addiction. NO soft drinks!


GET MOTIVATED TO MAKE CHANGES. Be conscious of what you eat on a daily basis. Set goals for yourself!!!

You make your own happiness and self worth!

Sugar, Pizza & Bread ARE THE DEVIL!!

Fiber helps eliminate bad estrogen - as we age our estrogen levels change and have an affect on how we lose weight (or don't)! Get your harmone levels checked if you are over 40!

For me, portion control is definetely a way of life. When I go to a restaurant, rarely do I ever eat the entire meal. I like to have leftovers - that way I feel I got 2 meals (which is normally the serving size in a restaurant) for the price of one.

I usually use my portion control bowls that I snapped about. These are great for everyday use. Salads, turkey ground meat, soup, crackers, snacks, etc. Everything is eaten in moderation. DO NOT EAT SNACKS OUT OF THE PACKAGE THEY COME IN - EVER!! You will never know how many servings you are actually eating. This is a huge NO NO.

Links are in pink - just click and shop for front door delivery to start your own portion control and meal planning road to weight loss..... xx H

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