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Holiday Haul / 2016

Can you believe it's almost December already? Can you believe it's almost Christmas? Well ready or not, here it is. The holidays are what you make of them. I know for some they can be quite depressing and others just live for them!

Just remember the holidays are what you make of them! Try to stay positive. Try not to reflect on depressing things that happened throughout the year...instead think about where you are headed. Set some goals and be focussed on a Happy New Year. Be positive!! Be the GOOD ENERGY person in the room! People like to be around positive people.....

Remember if you dress nice, you feel nice. If you dress up, you feel up. Don't dress frumpy this holiday - dress for the respect of the holiday itself - even if you don't go anywhere! Ok I know - sometimes we do have to just stay in our Christmas Jammies - that's totally fine! (i'll post one of my favs below as well hee/hee)

If you do go anywhere - why not add a little something to your shopping list FOR YOU?! One or two little tops that can go with a black skinny jean or black pants are always a good option for practical reasons!

You know I love anything with an exposed shoulder (year round) -

Two posts ago, on my blog, I linked my favorite cold shoulder black top that is great for the colder months (with a jacket of course when outside)....but today I wanted to share a few other options that simply stay classic and can make you feel like a million bucks at those holiday parties. You can dress them up or down with jewelry/heels/wedge/earrings, etc.....

Shown here in blush and white options (both are fantastic) - this little blouse just has so much class and romance to it - you will NOT see this on anyone else and what a beauty!! I just fell in love with it.

Ok, so if you are gonna stay IN - and want to chill in your Jammies all holiday season - my suggestion is to invest in a pair that will last past Christmas - - yes the red and green theme is adorable but let's be wear them 2-5 times tops per year - why not get a cute pair you'll wear year round as a lounge set? I personally love these by Betsey Johnson - super soft and cozy!!

Other options of tops I just love - these can be dressed up or down all year round!

This awesome white off the shoulder has the most amazing detail on the sleeves! It's only $45 and it's great quality. This paired with a turquoise chunky necklace and jeans - just LOVE!!

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