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November Beauty Favorites....

December is HERE! Ready for Christmas? It's a great time to purge thru your beauty products, get rid of all the old stuff you don't ever reach for! Give that stuff to a friend that might want to try it - if it doesn't work for you - move on - get rid of it - find what you love to use! It's ok to CHANGE IT UP!! Your skin likes for you to do that sometimes!

In November I changed up my morning and evening skincare routine. I'll update you on that soon! For now, I wanted to go over my November Beauty Favorites - there are 6 that i'm loving! If you follow me on SnapChat - you've probably already seen most of these items during the month! I'm going to go ahead and link all the products incase you decide you want to try them yourself. Christmas is a great time to ask for those products that you would not normally buy for yourself. I saved my coins to get some of these beauties - as they are not your typical drug store products. I will say they are worth ever single cent! Maybe there is something to be said about "You get what you pay for" especially when you are taking care of your FACE!

I'll try to make the links as easy to use as possible..... I hope this blog platform works for you! I am trying to do better at keeping up with it....I still post on my facebook blog (click here) - i'd love for you to follow me there if you enjoy FB posts! Feel free to message me or find me on Instagram (click here) too!

As you know I used to be a YouTuber (GlitterU2) 4+ years ago - it just takes so much time and energy - it's a passion that I loved but as I get older - I feel the videos are truly for younger gals! It's a great HOBBY - but now I've found Snapchat - and boy do I enjoy that avenue so much better! No editing, uploading,'s NOW, LIVE real time which is so cool!

If you aren't on SnapChat - I highly encourage you do download the APP. You don't ever have to post anything at all - but its fun to watch "stories" of your favorite celebrities, Instagram peeps, locals, friends, etc..... it's really a snap into REAL LIFE!

Download SnapChat here: SNAP

November Beauty Favorites.....Top 6

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