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Home Gym

Here we g0! 2K17 is around the corner. What better way to get yourself motivated than to pull out that calendar and mark your WORKOUT DAYS with "Arm day" "Leg day" "Cardio day" and FOLLOW THE PLAN to get in the best shape you can!

You have to start somewhere and today is the day! Even if it's simply ordering items for your new home gym! Let's look at some top items that WORK GREAT in small spaces, including basements or garage!

Set goals. Write them down. Try every day to make a conscious decision to be better today than you were yesterday! Stay focussed!

As a fitness instructor I try very hard to keep clients motivated and on track. Baby steps are better than zero steps! If you have a set back, it's OK - just hop back on track as soon as you possibly can!

Every day is a new day to start over! God blesses us with these choices every morning of our lives.

EVERYTHING you would need is listed here for under $600 total! Build your home gym today. Weights make a huge difference!

Follow me on SnapChat for example workouts for ladies that incorporate arms, legs and cardio! SnapChat name is "HummerDriver" Let's GOOOOOOOOOO!!! xx H

1. Weight bench that works upper and lower body ($194.89 FREE SHIPPING)

4. Gold's gym hand weights ($53.88)

6. Optional hand weights (great for ladies)($24.99)

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