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Whole 30 / Eating Clean

Well, the New Year is here and everyone is on their usual "resolution diet"....well, if your my age - you know that this is an ugly pattern and unless you make a LIFE STYLE CHANGE -nothing will actually change. Or if it does - it is only for a short time! As a fitness instructor I try to lead by example and give tips when I can - I get asked often about nutrition and diets and cooking and snacks and times to eat and what protein to consume etc etc etc.....

I talked to my classes just last week about #1 rule I have and that is - do not fall into the HYPE that comes on TV and on social media with the NEW YEAR! This was my Instagram post explaining what I mean:

It's easy to want to "drink the kook-aid" but don't be fooled. As a Marketing and Business Major - i see straight thru the MARKETING - it's a money making tool for whoever is promoting this stuff!

Instead of pulling out your credit card and wasting your money - let's start with a tool nobody can ever TAKE AWAY FROM YOU - education! Let's educate ourselves on how to live a cleaner healthier life then let's find a way to stay focussed and motivated to reach those goals. Yes we all love some sugar (sugar is the DEVIL) and some comfort foods every now and then - the key is to keep it all in check and moderation.

One of my clients just loaned me her book that I want to share with all of you - you can pick one up here for $14 or even better yet cheaper on ebay -

This book is full of information. Information that MOST OF AMERICA is missing. I'll keep you posted via SnapChat on my reading and findings. If you have any feedback for me, please feel free to reach out to me via any form of social media or email me at - xx H

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