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Diet / Detox

Over the last year, I’ve worked really hard to change my lifestyle. It's a new year and most people want to make it better than their last. Eating clean is not easy if you are NOT USED TO IT. My friend Tracy calls it the "STANDARD AMERICAN DIET" (SAD) that 80% of the population are living on. Think about that!

Do you eat to live or do you live to eat? Tell the truth here. Nobody hears your answer but YOU.

Life’s about balance and I’m all for it. To me, being healthy isn’t about intense diets or quick fixes. It’s about the small steps that wind up making a big difference.

Do you take vitamins?

I try to take a Centrum multivitamin every day. I have trouble taking vitamins on an empty stomach - so I usually take my vitamins thru out the day. The multi vitamin helps support my health goals.

I’m really trying to stick to a routine – having a multivitamin each day, eating healthy and getting regular exercise.

Changing your eating habits doesn't have to be an over night COLD TURKEY event. Every day you make a healthier choice, the closer you are to eating CLEAN and getting away from the SAD (Standard American Diet).

On top of taking a multivitamin daily, I’ve been trying to eat very healthy.

Some ideas to clean up your diet might include: four small meals a day consisting of egg whites, toast with almond butter, fruit, chicken salad, chicken tacos, protein shakes and lots of veggies.

But what’s a healthy lifestyle without exercise?! It helps that I teach group fitness and barre classes but age is another factor I'm fighting against. Female harmones, changes in metabolism, etc. Get on a routine, write it on your calendar and commit to it! NO MORE EXCUSES.

If you have a FIT BIT - use it! 10K steps a day!

Try taking your lifestyle choices seriously. It’s not just to look good, but it’s to feel amazing and be healthy for a better life! The best life you can have. You only get ONE BODY - make sure you are respecting it and treating it right. xx H

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