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Booties / Peep Toes

I'm posting more than usual on InstaGram lately - if you don't follow me there - please hop on over to "GlitterU" on Instagram where I can actually enjoy my hobby (photography) in combination with my love of fitness and fashion - My style may not be for everyone as I've always had my own eclectic ways but some items I do buy at REGULAR RETAIL stores and I'd be happy to share the details with you - Some items I picked up along the way from odd and end boutiques and I just cannot find any like it (i'm ok with that too)....

So today I posted about my favorite Booties that were staring at me this morning in my closet looking so lonely and pretty - gave them a little attention and I will re link them for you to shop your own below! Thanks so much for your support! I hope you enjoy my posts! xx H

The first pair on the left is by Boutique 9 - I bought these a few years back and cannot find the exact ones however these are VERY CLOSE

The second pair in the middle are my favorite leopard booties (newest to my collection)

The last paris are my peep toe camel color booties that go with EVERYTHING - i'm not even kidding you!

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