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Ring Mug / Gold & Silver

If you follow me on SnapChat.... you see this mug often being used for my smoothies, water, vitamin C drinks, etc (I'm not a coffee or tea drinker at all) - but if you like Coffee Mugs - this one is a special gem.

I drink with my finger thru the "diamond ring" part and it's just cute - it's not OVERSIZED - it's a perfect juice or morning coffee mug - I have both silver and gold as I couldn't decide but I reach for the silver (platinum as they call it) the most. They are just so stinking cute! It stays on my kitchen window ledge most of the time to put it away because i'll pull it right back out to use it again....

Now you can have one too!

Links are in HOT PINK below photo #1 - Enjoy, cheers!! xx H

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