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So we finally have some exciting news after hours and hours of plugging html codes (yes i'm a geek) has just launched an ONLINE STORE for easy purchases of all the items I Snap and Insta about!

For those of you who remember me years ago when I was a familiar face on YouTube (yep - don't go searching - I took them all down) hee/hee......I also owned a boutique called "UB". It stood for Unique Boutique. One of my best friends and I took that path of adventure while raising our toddler boys at the time. It was a great run until Hurricane Katrina hit us. Need I say more? We were in business for a full year with storefront after the Hurricane that devasted NOLA as we know it. From there we took our boutique online and I always said my next boutique would be Glitter U related and I'd want to carry the items that I truly love (nothing more, nothing less).

So here today, GLITTER U ONLINE STORE has been launched. There will be new additions coming around the corner so keep checking back. For now there are 2 very important categories to shop.

So consider it Health & Beauty!

I'm so very excited even though there are only a few items to offer you right now. I know in my heart that these things are items that every woman needs and wants! We all purchase these items on a monthly or quarterly basis anyway so your support would be greatly appreciated!

I will try to keep it as simple as possible!

I hope you enjoy a sneak peak into Glitter U Online Store! Happy Shopping!

xx H

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