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Fringe Purse / Crossbody

Hey ya'll! I've tried to post this highly requested information about 4x now. 5th time has to be a charm!

I had all kind of juicy information that went along with this blog post but now it's gonna be a short and sweet informational post! Some of you are probably thankful for that!

Here goes - the cross body leather fringe purse that I use OFTEN looks like it keeps selling out quickly - I did find another link here to purchase one - but i'd do it quickly if you are serious about getting one!

If you are looking for another style - I really like this one in the black. It's the same company that made mine - I think I really need this black one in my life too!! What cha think?

And lastly - my NY Yankees cap!! Here is where you can get yours!! ($21.99)

If you follow my snaps - the sunglasses you see me in and ask about are usually my Tom Fords or these by Quay! They are good for keeping me from squinting which in turn keeps my wrinkles around my eyes at bay - atleast I hope so!

Happy Tuesday! Happy Shopping! xx H


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