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Lift ~ Firm ~ Protect / Essentials for your FACE

This post is to do nothing more than share some information I received from my Doctor! While I swear by the entire Obagi line for clearing up skin - it's a whole nother ball game when it comes to maintaining all of your hard work! I thought I was using the best sunscreen by using Obagi (which is a great brand) but at MY AGE it seems I should be using an anti-aging moisturizer with daily SPF of 45!

There are so many on the market - it's disturbing. You can tune in to YouTube and do your own research but let's face it - everyone is different - you have to find what is right for YOU!

Here I'm sharing the latest and greatest that my professional has advised in hopes of saving you atleast a $75-$100 on a doctors visit - fair?!

Let's start with EYES! You know how some people get botox to prevent the lines in the forehead etc...well - you cannot botox your eyes. So the skin on both the top and the bottom of your eyeball needs ATTENTION - again AT MY AGE - if you are under 40 - this might not apply to you - if you are 40+ - hear me out!

There is a new pathway to younger looking eyes (atleast I'm told and I want to believe).....This eye cream is to be used in conjuction with the second item listed to reduce these stubborn fine lines and wrinkles by providing the exact intense moisturization for smoother skin and texture - I'm gonna put it to the test! It provides advanced extracts, pepticides and potent antioxidants to work cohesively to create clinically proven results.

At the physician's office this eye cream retails for $89 and $120 - however, i've found both online for less - I will provide the links below in pink with photos!

Second product she sold me on is the tinted moisturizer with SPF 45 - she told me to use this over the Obagi so i'm up for the test to compare! It retails for $54 in her office!

We all want to keep up with our face and body - so hopefully these new products can assist in the mission! Good luck and please give me your feedback if you use any of these! I ordered mine today! xx H

A) Eye cream #1 - remove the fine lines - retails for $120 but I found it for less here:

B) Eye cream #2 to be used with #1 - retails for $89 but i found it for less here:

C) Anti Aging tinted moisturizer with daily SPF 45 -

retails for $54 but I found it for less here:

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