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Makeup ReCap / Glow

Thanks for following me on InstaGram (GlitterU) and SnapChat (HummerDriver) - as I snapped a bit about today - I hit pan on my favorite Nars compact and my Anastasia Glow Kit - these are 2 must haves for my everyday NATURAL MAKEUP look! I'm linking here so it's an easy reference to reorder for all of us! Happy Friday ladies!

Items in photos linked here:

Glow Kit sun dipped Beverly Hills palette - must have for year round glow and contour

Nars Madly blush that I use on my eyes as a shadow for a natural every day look

optional purchase link for same Nars Madly blush

Chanel shadow brush I use with the Nars compact - daily ladies! Love! An alternate fav shadow brush is this one by MAC

Wrist weights - perfect companion for walking - 2lbs are the best - mine are very old but these in black are the one's i'd use if i ever replaced mine

Sunglasses - blush in color for every summer outfit


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