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Are you a PoshMark fan? Every now and then I'd stumble across (accidentally in my google search) a Posh listing that I was a bit frightened to purchase from (let's be honest). I've always been an ebay fan until the past 5 years I haven't had a chance to try this forum quite yet but I just opened my own account and posted my adorable Gucci Messenger Bag for sale today. It comes with dust bag and I'll give you the link to my PoshMark account. I also posted a few items you've probably seen on my blog in the past. I'll also link those below incase you're in a shopping mood today. So make sure you keep scrolling all the way down on this post......Happy Pre-loved shopping!

You can buy this Gucci Messenger Bag here

Photo Details are posted in the full blog here. If you want to purchase the Gucci Messenger or the WildFox Couture light weight sweater you can find them in the links provided in this post.

You can purchase this WildFox Star light weight sweater here

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