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Instagram RoundUp / May Part IV

I told you, i've been an Instagram posting fool lately - swear it's me and my love for photography! Ever since baseball let out (for the small break we get with the season) I've been craving photography again. It's my favorite past-time

(besides working out or barre class/walking/jogging)......

I'm posting Instagram roundup number 4 and I think there might he a number 5 in the works - but hey - atleast all of my Insta-stories are summed up to make it easier to shop-my-looks! Thanks for all of your continued support - I truly appreciate it! Hit the big 700 recently for followers on Instagram and that's really awesome! It's nice to post, share, follow and observe the beautiful style, fashion and beauty around the globe on Instagram! Pretty neat!

I put all the links to items shown and less expensive alternatives that will give you the same look - these item links sell out fast so you have to be quick! I swear - they go fast. Some links only have 1 or 2 items left in stock and the prices are so reasonable - they will go fast! Happy shopping - get to it if you don't want to miss out! So often I have people text me asking for the link the "something" I posted last week or a couple weeks ago and I swear the item(s) are gone!

I'll be happy to help you find alternatives though - just message me! Even links my favorite SOCKS this time! (details people - just like you asked!) - don't you think i'm getting better?? lol (wink-wink)

CAMI: Black | TANK: Nike | SWEATSHIRT: black hoody | YOGA PANTS (mine are old): similar style here | SOCKS: Black low | SHOES: asics

BRACELETS: Similar style here | SHOES: NIke | YOGA PANTS: Snake print

CAMI: Black | TANK: black | SWEATSHIRT: pink pullover | YOGA PANTS: only 3 left in stock | SHOES: Nike

LV NVrFull: similar less expensive style: here | PURSE ORGANIZER INSERT: perfect size and style | HAT: Adidas | CHANEL compact: here | GLOSS: Perfect dupe for this Milani | LIPSTICK: Perfect dupe for this ysl | GLOSS: Perfect dupe for this Sephora | SUNGLASSES: Tom Ford

Photo details are all linked in photos above this one | similar NIKE SHOES HERE

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