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Beauty Products / Top 5

I've posted some of these items before. If you follow me on SnapChat or InstaGram you've seen them before! I've been asked to post a new link to make shopping easier for some of my followers - so here ya go!! Great stocking stuffers, great gifts for that special lady in your life or simply great for YOU - !! Enjoy, xx H

1. Royalty Eye serum (I use this all over face and neck although it was originally formulated for eye's just that good that it helps fight fine lines and wrinkles so they made it in a larger dosage - it's simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! I promise you will be hooked! SERUM $65

3. Dry Brushing ($10) It's got so many benefits. I talked about this before - especially in the summer time but it's great to d this year round! Dry Brush & Moisturize ($10-16) afterward by using these 2 products together.

OK so my list is actually top 6 not 5

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