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Instagram RoundUp / May Part V

Quick little "Recap" from my latest InstaGram posts for those of you who have messaged me asking for links to the shoes I'm loving lately. This post will go into pretty great detail for each photo to give you shopable links to get the look if anything has inspired you.....Those shoes though!!! OMG - yes if you follow me on SnapChat - you know I've been wearing them a lot! They give me height and they are super comfy - not to mention a neutral color that goes with everthing this summer -

Thanks for all of the messages asking about what i'm wearing - I enjoy sharing great finds and prices with you guys.

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Photo Details: Shoes | Pillow

Photo Details:

Shoes | Shorts are on sale 33% off | Belt or other belt option here| WildFox tops Option 1 here / Option 2 here / Option 3 here| Bra | HairCare

Photo Details:

Sandals | Shorts | Belt | WildFox top options (see photo above this one) | Bra | Perfume

Photo Details:

Handbag style like mine (it's vintage) | this link will expire quickly here

Photo Details:

Hat | Bag | Sandals | Pants

Photo Details:

All linked under photos above

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